Arabic Name Necklace Gold


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Have your own name in ARABIC or FARSI on this beautiful Solid 14k Gold Name Necklace or Pendant!! Classic Arabic Name Necklace. Choose any name to be spelled with the Arabic alphabet! If you have the spelling in Arabic, please add it to the "Name" box. If not, our staff of Arabic speakers will be happy to spell any name for you! As with our entire silver collection, all name plates and chains are solid sterling silver 925. All Single thickness gold names are all .4 mm thickness and the first letter is 1 cm tall. For names longer than 7 letters please order .8 gold This item comes with your choice of 14"(child), 16" or 18" sterling silver split box chain!! You choose any ONE name. Please tell us the name and ARABIC spelling or pronounciation (alif, beh, dal, that!!) and chain length you would like....